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How It Works

Jancyn provides survey technology that can be used as a component of an overall customer experience program.

  • Want feedback from your customer base with questions you need answered?
  • Need a way for your employees or management to contribute their opinions?

Surveying your customers is key to determining not only their current opinions but also to getting a sense of future trends, including possible shifts in purchasing habits and desires for expanded offerings.

Since 1980, with Jancyn’s expertise in customer experience feedback, you’re assured that a Jancyn customer survey will be clear, succinct, and give you the data you need, exactly when you need it.

We can help design and implement the right survey program for you, whether POP (Point of Purchase), direct contact via in-location advertisement, web-based, or IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

Web Surveys

While the internet is an ideal tool for both presenting and gathering massive amounts of data and information, compiling it into useful reports is needed for actionable results.

Jancyn not only helps you develop and promote your online surveys, but we also create backend analytics that make sense of the information and provide you with the business intelligence you need to make profitable decisions.

As with the IVR survey reports, you get access to real-time data whenever you need it.

IVR Surveys

Our Interactive Voice Response offering provides dedicated phone numbers to gather information from your current customers. Typically promoted via in-location advertising, your customers voluntarily respond to a series of questions pinpointed to gather specific information.

Jancyn works with you to make effective use of this survey method and delivers real-time results. Reporting options include comparisons of shopping scores with historical data and can be integrated with comparable mystery shopping program results for comparison.

Other Options

Jancyn can also provide Intercept Surveys enabling customer interaction and direct question explanation. Our experts understand the importance of professionally conducted surveys and representation of your company and brand.

In addition to customer feedback, gathering accurate internal data is necessary to develop efficient and effective procedures to serve your customers. Internal Function Surveys can fully automate, calculate, track, and store results so that you get the answers you need when you need them.

Contact us today to find out how we can put surveys to work to provide business intelligence and improve your profitability.

Resident Retention Surveys

Residents are given a customized survey to determine the pros and cons of their rental experience in an effort to maintain a high retention percentage. Maintenance and service staff surveys can be designed as well.

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