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We have been alerted that there is a scam running that is using Jancyn’s company name and emailing shoppers offering a large sum of money to be deposited into your bank to be used to purchase several iPhones or Gift Cards and keep the remaining balance.

The scam works like this: You are sent a bad check. You deposit it, you make the purchases, and then you are instructed to mail the merchandise to the scammer. Then the check you have deposited bounces. Similar scams have been noted in which you are sent a bad check and asked to wire a lesser amount via Western Union and keep the balance.

Please DO NOT deposit any check purporting to be from Jancyn. Jancyn ONLY pays shoppers via PayPal, (or Venmo) and payments are sent 5-6 weeks after a successful shop is completed.

Our forms are NEVER sent as a Word document email attachment, and our email communications come from We do not ever send assignments via snail mail.

If you receive any suspicious offers claiming to be from Jancyn, please forward any information to

Unfortunately, these companies use various web addresses and/or names of reputable companies like ours in their ads. They can look real. Be assured that these practices have nothing to do with our company, and our only interaction with shoppers is to pay them for legitimate shops done for us.

All of our shoppers must pre-register and sign an Independent Contractor agreement. We have been in business since 1980 and are an Elite member in good standing of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association.

If you receive one of these scam Emails or Post Office mail, you can file a complaint at the following:

  • Federal Trade Commission: FTC complaint assistant
  • Your state’s Attorney General
  • Internet Crime Complaint Center
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