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Mystery Shops aren’t the only way to obtain high-quality feedback—our Digital Comment Cards can give you potentially unlimited data directly from your actual customers.

Using smartphones (or any internet-enabled mobile devices) customers can provide you immediate, real-time feedback while on-site! Comment Card surveys are conducted on smartphones and accessed by scanning a QR code displayed on walls, counters, postcards, posters, signs, window decals, shopping bags, boxes, product packaging, etc.

Your customers simply scan the QR code with their own smartphone while they are inside the business and complete a brief survey. They can even add a photo! These are real-time comments from actual customers and are based on questions you want and need to be answered.

What’s more, these real customers can opt into your marketing list where they can sign up for coupons or other email marketing programs you offer. The surveys are specifically formatted for mobile browsers and each survey is branded with logos and colors for your business.

Best of all, they are inexpensive. Imagine: getting an always-open customer feedback channel AND a marketing campaign, both for less than the cost of a single direct mail coupon.

If you are using comment cards in conjunction with a Mystery Shopping program, you can trend questions across channels and see both how your customers and professional evaluators feel about the same metrics.

Benefits include:

  • Incredibly low-cost
  • Instant on-site feedback
  • Repeat business/returning customers
  • Integrated reporting
  • Demographic data collection
  • Ability to update forms instantly
  • Potentially unlimited cards per location
  • Brand visibility (your business appears on user’s smartphones)
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