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“I am very pleased with the Jancyn mystery shop and auditing program. It has been very good for us. We have used it as a training tool for both managers and associates. Our stores might sometimes look a bit messy as inventory changes weekly, and sometimes daily, but we are focused on the customer experience and the intention to make it fun and easy to shop at Treasure Hunt stores.”

Eva Funk, Director of Store Operations Treasure Hunt, Canada

“It is our brand promise to ensure every customer has a ‘Wow’ experience. That means a great meal, with attentive guest service, that has customers returning again and again. We depend on that feedback through Jancyn’s mystery shopping services.”
Ben Blanchard, Director of Franchisee Resources, Pita Pit USA

Peninsula Beauty understands the importance of customer satisfaction. We pride our self on sourcing the best in beauty products, training a top notch staff, and making our customers look and feel their best! We use Jancyn analytics to ensure our brand promise is carried out at every location.”
Margo Nunez, District Manager, Peninsula Beauty

“Dedication to service is our top priority. That means an attentive, knowledgeable staff, quality merchandise, and real value in our unique fashion offerings. With the feedback we’re gaining through Jancyn’s mystery shopping services, we can take action to drive performance improvements at a store level.”
Melanie Mauldin, Founder, Handpicked

“Not only in April, but throughout the year, we schedule mystery shops because it is our responsibility to ensure our staff is up to date on changing Fair Housing laws. Jancyn is our 3rd party ‘eyes and ears’, delivering unbiased insight into the rental experience.”
Michael Pierce, President, Prodesse Property Group

“With multiple locations, my Jancyn shop reports mean I get store specific feedback that I can use to continuously improve the customer experience.”
Michael Stajer, Owner, Tonsor LLC, Cost Cutter and Roosters hair salons

“We work hard to run an efficient operation while emphasizing clean stores and friendly service. One way we ensure best practices is with the feedback we gain through Jancyn’s mystery shopping program. Our employees must display great customer service, teamwork, and positive attitudes.”
Michele Jesus, Executive Assistant, Rotten Robbie

“Our mystery shop program provides valuable feedback that we use to continually improve service to our customers. Our demographic tends to be young people who come in to relax in our comfortable outdoor patio after work for a drink, meet up with friends, and have a great meal. Our bartenders and wait staff are trained to be sure proper ID is being checked. With a Jancyn shop we know it’s being done.”
Radu Dugala, Owner, Old Wagon Saloon and Grill

“One important aspect of how our success is measured is through the valuable service your organization provides. It will continue to remain an important focus for us as we head into a new operating year.”

Scott Wolf, Operations, Northern Tool and Equipment

“Wherever fans discover Crazy Shirts, be it products online, mail order catalog, or our whimsical stores, dedication to service is our top priority. That means attentive, knowledgeable service, quality merchandise, and real value in our unique fashions. With the feedback we’re gaining through Jancyn’s mystery shopping services, we can really understand what matters most to our customers and take action to drive performance improvements at a store level.”
Scott Maroney, Senior Vice President, Crazy Shirts

“Jancyn has been an asset to our company in many ways. The biggest impact they have had has been through targeting our training needs. Before utilizing the services of Jancyn we had no idea of some of the shortfalls of our on-site leasing agents. After enlisting the help of Jancyn we were able to clearly identify recurring issues and take action to correct them. Without Jancyn we might not have discovered the missing holes in our training still to this day. On top of that, Jancyn is extremely flexible and easy to work with. We worked together to establish a customized shop report for our company that aligns perfectly with our internal training and they continuously go above and beyond to make our partnership both easy and enjoyable.”
Garin Hamburger, Vice President of Marketing, Real Estate Equities Management

“In 1990 our founder, Ray Lamar, made the bold decision to offer franchises of our operation. While this provided terrific growth opportunity, we found that working with Jancyn along the way helped to ensure product quality and customer service across multiple locations. Our mystery shopping data provides feedback we use to remain competitive with much larger companies. One example is looking at our report scores on a Question by Question basis where we can see over time improvements that are most meaningful to our brand and our customers. A 100% score for a question like ‘Did your donut taste fresh?’ is must in our stores as well as high scores for cleanliness. Our employees receive training based on the reports that keep us a step ahead ensuring the best possible customer experience.”
Temi Osifodunrin, Marketing & Public Relations Manager, LaMar's Donuts

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