Mystery Shop Evaluations Bring
Repurchase, Retention, and Referrals

Get the Feedback You Need from Jancyn!

Mystery Shopping

Uncover customer insights through expert evaluations and detailed observations.

Performance Evaluations

Assess and optimize employee performance to drive business success.


Gather valuable feedback to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Smart Shop

Experience the future of data-driven customer insights and analysis.


Get comprehensive analysis uncovering operational strengths and enhancement opportunities.

Reputation Management

Let us craft a sterling brand image through strategic insights and customer feedback.


Navigate complexities seamlessly, ensuring adherence and minimizing risks effectively.

Why Mystery Shop Evaluations?

No matter what industry you serve, one fact remains the same: it’s less expensive to keep your existing customers than it is to find new ones.

What do your customers really think of your business? How loyal are they? Are they getting the service you envision? And how motivated are your employees to do their best?

Partnering with the Jancyn Mystery Shopping Company means you don’t have to guess. We specialize in customer satisfaction feedback research and performance evaluation programs that provide those answers, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Very simply, satisfied customers are profitable customers.

Our Mission

At Jancyn, our mission is to provide you with the qualitative and quantitative data you need, using employee performance measurement tools to drive improvement for your business.

Our “insight from the outside” is a valuable resource with the power to eliminate ‘blind spots’ in customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can’t fix what you don’t know; knowledge is power.

The most successful businesses understand that a positive experience is defined by the customer. It is not a matter of what you put into your product or service it’s what your customer gets out of it.

The professionals at the Jancyn Mystery Shopping Company work with you to capture that critical information, allowing you to leverage it and take your business to the next level.

Our Values


What makes Jancyn unique in our ability to serve you? Since 1980.


You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what our partners have to say.


When we say, “Your success is our success,” we really mean it.

How We Can Help

Property Management



Financial Services

Other Businesses


“Our mystery shopping data provides feedback we use to remain competitive. Our employees receive training based on the reports that keep us a step ahead ensuring the best possible customer experience.”

– Temi Osifodunrin, Marketing & Public Relations Manager, LaMar’s Donuts

“After enlisting the help of Jancyn we were able to clearly identify recurring issues and take action to correct them. On top of that, Jancyn is extremely flexible and easy to work with. The team at Jancyn continuously goes above and beyond to make our partnership both easy and enjoyable.”

– Garin Hamburger, Vice President of Marketing, Real Estate Equities Management

“With the feedback we’re gaining through Jancyn’s mystery shopping services, we can really understand what matters most to our customers and take action to drive performance improvements at a store level.”

– Scott Maroney, Senior Vice President, Crazy Shirts

“I am very pleased with the Jancyn mystery shop and auditing program. It has been very good for us. We have used it as a training tool for both managers and associates. Our stores might sometimes look a bit messy as inventory changes weekly, and sometimes daily, but we are focused on the customer experience and the intention to make it fun and easy to shop at Treasure Hunt stores.”

– Eva Funk, Director of Store Operations Treasure Hunt, Canada

“One important aspect of how our success is measured is through the valuable service Jancyn provides. It will continue to remain an important focus for us as we head into a new operating year.”

– Scott Wolf, Operations, Northern Tool and Equipment

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