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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing Up: How do I sign up to become a mystery shopper? Does it cost anything?

Registering with Jancyn is completely free of charge. We pay you for the valid shops you submit fully and completely.

You can find the link to our application on ShopMetrics HERE. If you are a current Gigspot shopper, open your Gigspot app and go to Companies, click on Jancyn, and click View Agreement to review and sign. Please note you are not able to use both ShopMetrics and Gigspot interchangeably.

Jancyn also posts shop opportunities on iSecretShop. If you are not already signed up on that site go to Then go to Provider Contracts & Policies in the left-hand navigation menu and select Jancyn in the list to review and accept the Independent Contractor Agreement.

Signing Up: What is required to become a mystery shopper for Jancyn?

-You must be at least 16 years of age.
-You must accept shopper payments via PayPal or Venmo (PayPal only for Gigspot shoppers).
-You must have a valid phone number.
-You must have computer access and a valid email address where we can send you shop invitations and contact you if we have any questions about your shop.
-You must possess and use good writing and grammar skills in the English language.
-Some shops may require the purchase of an alcoholic beverage. These shops require shoppers to be at least 21 years of age and have a valid ID.
-Some shops require you to take and pass a client or industry-specific certification.
Most shops require the electronic attachment of a receipt image or photo to validate your visit. You must have the ability to take and upload photos. A smartphone is strongly suggested.

Signing Up: Is my information safe?

The information you provide for Jancyn is for mystery shopping purposes only. This includes verifying your eligibility for shops and paying you for shops you have completed. Jancyn does not sell or share your information.

Accepting Assignments: How do I sign up for shops?

Once you are in our database, you may begin to receive emails informing you of shops. You may also log into your homepage at any time and search for visits in your area.

If you forgot your password, click the Forgot Password link on the login page on the website or app. If you are a Gigspot shopper and no longer have access to the email address to retrieve your password, you will need to contact Gigspot Support at If you need help with iSecretShop, click the Help icon on the home page.

Accepting Assignments: How can I be notified about more job opportunities?

If you are using ShopMetrics, you may edit your profile to increase the mileage radius you are willing to travel for shops. The default setting is 15 miles. To change it, go to My Profile > Details, change the setting on “Distance Willing to Travel”, and click Save. In GigSpot, you are notified of available jobs within a 50 mile radius and cannot change that distance, but you can easily view job opportunities anywhere by opening the app and clicking Job Board. You can view jobs near you on the first tab, or click Search and enter a zip code to search other areas.

Accepting Assignments: How often am I notified of job opportunities?

If you are using ShopMetrics, you will receive a notification of a new job posting within 6 hours of it being posted. You will also receive a full list of shops available in your area once a week. If you are using GigSpot, you will receive a daily email notifying you of shops in your area.

Accepting Assignments: I see an available shop I would like to accept, but all the dates on the calendar are greyed out. What should I do?

If no dates are selectable, that means you are not eligible for the shop at this time. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as a required “rotation” (wait time from your last visit to that location), or a maximum number of shops already accepted for that round. Please contact the Project Coordinator listed in the job details for further information.

Accepting Assignments: Where can I see jobs I've already applied for?

Once you apply for a job, it is removed from your Available Jobs. If you are using ShopMetrics, you can view your pending applications in the My Applications tab. If you are using GigSpot, that page is not visible. In iSecretShop, click Requests.

Accepting Assignments: Something came up and I can't do my shop. What do I do?

Contact the Project Coordinator listed in your job details and let them know! You may be able to reschedule on your homepage, but even if you do this, it is good to stay in contact with your Project Coordinator.

Accepting Assignments: How can I reschedule my job?

Some projects allow you to reschedule yourself. Click the 3 dots menu icon to the right of your assignment in My Jobs and select the Reschedule option if it is visible. If self-rescheduling is not available to you, please contact your Project Coordinator listed in your Job Details to request to reschedule.

Certifications: I was instructed to take a Certification to become eligible for a job. How do I do that?

If you are using ShopMetrics, go to the menu and click Certifications. If you are using GigSpot, click Companies, then Jancyn, then the My Certifications link at the top to find it under “Available” certifications.

Certifications: I took a Certification but didn't pass. How do I retake it?

If you are using ShopMetrics, simply click on the available job again to follow the link to the quiz. Or, go to the menu and click Certifications. If you are using GigSpot, click Companies, then Jancyn, then the My Certifications link at the top and click “Completed” to find your previous attempt. Click Retake to take it again. If you do not have any more available attempts, please contact your Project Coordinator for further guidance.

Conducting Assignments: How do I know what to do to complete the shop?

You must review your shop assignment under “My Jobs” before starting your shop. Shopmetrics: In the 3-dot menu at the top right, click View Details. Gigspot: click the header of the shop and review the details in the Survey Summary. iSecretShop: click Assigned Shops.

Review the following:

1.Review the address to be sure you are visiting the right location. Some locations for the same client can be right across the street or even within the same mall.
2.Read the Job Details/Survey Summary.
3.Click the link to the shop guidelines attachment to review the full detailed instructions.
4.Click the link to the survey preview to review what questions you will need to answer when you fill out your shop.
5.Review any other links or details outlined in the Job Details/Survey Summary section. There may be special notes here about the time of day you can visit, a certain department you must evaluate, or a specific employee you need to target.

Conducting Assignment: Does it matter what time I complete my shop on the day I am assigned?

YES! This is EXTREMELY important. Please check your job details and shop guidelines to determine what times of day are acceptable. If you are assigned to a specific “daypart” (window of time in the day) and visit outside that timeframe, you are at risk of non-payment for the shop.

Conducting Assignment: I want to complete my shop on a different day than I am scheduled, is that okay?

If you are able to reschedule your shop on the website and the date is available, that is okay. However, you should never shop on a date that does not match your assigned date in the system. Some clients require multiple shops to the same location with a minimum number of days apart, and another shopper may have a visit scheduled for that same location. There may also be “blackout dates” imposed by the client for which shops cannot be accepted. If you are unable to reschedule your shop on the website please contact your Project Coordinator who will be happy to assist you.

Conducting Assignment: My shop requires a recorded call. How do I do that?

First, you need to be sure your phone number in your profile is accurate, as the call will ring to that number. When you are ready, click Call Now on the shop. The page will refresh and display a PIN. The call will ring to your phone where you will hear a prompt for that PIN. Enter the PIN to connect the call. Please note, you must use a web browser to conduct a recorded call shop – the mobile app does not support this feature at this time.

In iSecretShop, to start a call you simply click “view and complete shop”, enter your phone number if it does not automatically pop up and click Call Now. Your phone will ring, and when you answer a recording will ask you to press 1 to begin the call. Then the system will dial the number for the location you are shopping.

Submitting Assignments: Where do I enter my shop?

ShopMetrics: Log in at or the ShopMetrics app. Click My Jobs. Click the Resume button under “It’s time to proceed to your job!”

Gigspot: Log in to your Gigspot app. Click My Jobs, then click the 3-dot menu at the bottom right of the job and select Open Survey.

iSecretShop: Click Assigned Shops and click “view and complete shop”.

Do NOT enter the shop on the PDF survey preview attachment. This attachment is available for your convenience to have as a reference. The shop must be submitted online per the above instructions in order to receive payment for your shop.

Submitting Assignments: What should I write in the comment boxes?

Comments on questions can provide the most useful information for our clients. All comment fields must include at least two sentences of narrative and be grammatically correct. Your comments must always support any deductions or NA answers. Deductions are No answers, as well as anything less than the top rating (for example, “Excellent”, or “5” on a scale of 0-5). If there are any deductions or NA answers not supported by detailed comments, your shop may be returned to you for corrections.

We recommend the use of a spell-checker such as Grammarly for your comments. Comments should be objective rather than subjective in nature, utilizing action words rather than adjectives.

BAD Example: “The server was friendly and helpful.”

GOOD Example: “The server greeted us after we took a seat at the table. We had been there for only 30 seconds. He smiled and welcomed us to the restaurant and asked if he could get us something to drink to start, maybe a margarita or a beer. He made good eye contact with each of us and answered questions about the tequila available at the bar.”

Submitting Assignments: I logged in to submit my shop, but I can't find the visit. Where did it go?

Most Jancyn shops are due within 12 hours of your assigned shop date. If you are late in submitting your shop, you will receive at least one reminder that your shop is overdue. If you had a shop assigned to you that you have not yet completed, and it does not show up on your homepage, the visit may have been canceled. Please note, Jancyn will NEVER cancel your shop without emailing you first. Once a shop is canceled, you are at risk of non-payment for the shop. Contact the Project Coordinator immediately to see if the shop is still available.

Submitting Assignments: I've submitted my shop. Now what?

After you have submitted your shop, retain your shop notes along with any receipts or photos for at least 45 days. Check your email often for 48 hours following shop submission in case we have any further questions for you.

Submitting Assignments: How do I view the shops I have completed?

You can view your completed shops under My Pay (in iSecretShop, click Payments).

Shopper Payments: When will I be paid?

Payments are issued 5-6 weeks from successful shop submission. Your shop must be processed through a Quality Assurance review, then sent to the client for their review and approval, and payments are then brokered from the client to you. Jancyn pays Shopmetrics and iSecretShop shoppers via PayPal or Venmo. At this time, PayPal is the only payment option for Gigspot shoppers.

Shopper Payments: It has been over 6 weeks and I still have not received payment. Where is it?

Check the PayPal or Venmo payment address listed in your profile. If it is not your correct email address for receiving payment, in most cases you will be able to temporarily add this email address to your payment account and retrieve your payment. Remember to update your profile with the correct payment address so future payments get to you directly.

If your payment address is correct, or the above method does not work and it has been more than 6 weeks since you completed the shop, please email Remember to include the client you shopped, the type of shop you did, the location number, the date of shop, and the email address in your Jancyn shopper profile. Your payment will be researched and we will get back to you within 7-10 days. Please note: if it has been less than 6 weeks, your request will not be researched.

Shopper Profile: I need to update the information in my account, how do I do that?

Click the profile icon at the top right, and click My Profile. In iSecretShop click Update Profile.

Shopper Profile: I want to continue to be a mystery shopper but I do not want any more emails. How can I turn off emails and just check the site or app for shops?

Shopmetrics: Adjust your notification settings under My Profile, Settings: Notifications.
Gigspot: Contact Gigspot Support at
iSecretShop: Click Update Notification Settings.

Shopper Profile: I no longer want to mystery shop. How do I unsubscribe?

Shopmetrics: Click the link at the bottom of one of your notification emails, email your Project Coordinator, or email to request to unsubscribe from Jancyn.
Gigspot: Click the link at the bottom of one of your notification emails, or email to unsubscribe from Gigspot. If you want to keep using Gigspot but ONLY unsubscribe from Jancyn, email us at
iSecretShop: Click Update Notifcation Settings.

Technical Difficulties: I'm having trouble submitting my shop. What do I do?

The most common reason a shop cannot be submitted is because it is missing required information. Review to make sure all questions have been answered.

Review the date you entered. You should visit on the date you were assigned.

If the shop you have accepted requires a receipt, a file must be attached before the shop can be electronically submitted.

Technical Difficulties: I have reviewed all that and I am still having trouble, now what?

Contact your Project Coordinator listed in the job details. If your Project Coordinator doesn’t know you are having difficulties, the shop may get canceled and reassigned to another shopper, and you won’t get paid. Always stay in contact with your Project Coordinator!

Technical Difficulties: I am having another technical issue. What do I do?

Shopmetrics: Email the below information to your Project Coordinator with as much detail as possible.
Gigspot: Email the below information to with as much detail as possible.
iSecretShop: Click the Help icon at the top right.

– Your email address
– Job ID of the corresponding job(s) – found in the Job Details/Survey Summary
– Are you using the mobile app or web browser
– Which operating system are you using (Windows or Mac)
– Which web browser are you using (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
– Details regarding the issue, including any screenshots or exact error messages.

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