Mystery Shopping

How do your customers see you?

The customer is the center of your universe, and it's critical to understand how your customers see your company and perceive your brand. At Jancyn, we help you gain that insight to attract new customers, retain your current customers, and help your management with real feedback on your employees' knowledge and performance.
Whatever industry you serve, customer feedback is critical to success. Understanding how your customers or clients interface with your company and more importantly, how they want to do business with you leads to greater satisfaction, loyalty and profitability.

The Jancyn Team

Jancyn offers extensive Mystery Shopping / Customer Experience Programs, conducted by professional Service Assessors ("Mystery Shoppers"), whose purpose is to be treated like your typical customer. Our Service Assessors are selected and trained to match your specific customer demographics. With our pool of over 80,000 shoppers, we can assemble the perfect team for you one that has experience in your industry, understands both the demographics and psychographics of your customer base, and can document in-depth and relevant information.

As a partner, Jancyn works with you to analyze your needs and pinpoints your goal. We then design feedback surveys that our mystery shoppers use to complete a thorough and successful evaluation. These surveys are objective, and focused on your priority areas, ultimately offering "insight from the outside." With this critical data, you can create and implement the right plan of action to correct any deficiencies, capitalize on what's working well and improve the results on what's most important to your business top-line revenues, overall profitability and delighted customers.

The New Challenge

Today, many businesses have sales and customer service portals that either exist exclusively or in part online. Your customers may never see your employees, or your business may not require person-to-person interaction. The shopping experience today can happen over the Web, at a kiosk, and even on a mobile phone; however, understanding your customer's experience
is no less important. In fact, without human interaction, it may even be more critical to gauge perception.

Your customers want to receive your products and services in a multitude of ways ways that suit their schedules and preferences. Jancyn is here to provide the feedback you need to make sure their experience wherever and however it occurs is a positive one.

Making Sense of It

All of the data in the world is useless without meaningful interpretation. Our powerful software allows us to tailor and deliver information to you in the way that best fits your organization. Details of individual visits, actionable management reports, trending performance reports and dashboards delivered to your team via email, accessible through a secure web portal, or integrated and delivered to your corporate information systems is your choice. The ability for you to read and understand the data whenever you want to is paramount. Jancyn invites you to take a look at some sample reports and try our demo account to see for yourself.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you advance your business and improve your profitability.

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